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Northfield, OH's Favorite Dental Care & Oral Hygiene Team!

With Nordonia Dental Group, you always get the best of care

At Nordonia Dental Group you will always be greeted by friendly smiling faces. We are so committed to superior customer service and standards of care and professionalism that you might actually enjoy your visit to the dentist. In fact, many of our patients do, that's why the people of Northfield, OH keep coming back. For all your dentistry and oral hygiene needs, visit Nordonia Dental Group. We love taking care for you! 

Dental Hygienists

Nordonia Dental has seven Registered Dental Hygienists on our disease prevention team. Pamper your gums and teeth with a professional cleaning from our skilled staff and leave our office with a clean mouth, fresh breath feeling.  


Our dental professionals are highly qualified and experienced in dentistry and committed to your oral hygiene and dental health issues. Our dentists will communicate effectively with you to help to put your mind at ease and make your experience as comfortable as possible. In addition to general dental health, we also provide excellent cosmetic dentistry procedures so you can have a winning smile no matter who you are!
You can trust that you are in great hands with a dentist at Nordonia Dental Group.
Dentist reviewing oral hygiene with patient in Northfield, OH
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