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How can you help with broken or missing teeth?

Teeth have a tough job to do and are subject to outside forces like the food we eat and even conditions such as clenching and grinding the teeth. It stands to reason that tooth damage and tooth loss sometimes occurs. When you break a tooth or need an extraction, our Northfield dental office team and our experienced dentists are here to help.

Small instances of decay or a slight chip in the tooth might require only a filling or dental bonding to resolve the issue. But if a larger fracture occurs or if your tooth succumbs to gum disease or advanced periodontal disease, a dental crown (sometimes called a cap) or bridge could provide a solution that keeps your smile functional and looking its best.

A dental crown repairs and strengthens a compromised tooth – one that has had a break, root canal, deep decay, or just needs to look nicer – while a dental bridge fills the gap in the smile left by an extracted tooth.

No matter whether you need a filling, bonding, dental crown, or bridge, you can. Count on our Northfield dentists to make the repair to your tooth look and feel completely natural. We know your smile is your calling card and will always endeavor to give you exceptional dentistry you feel proud to show off.

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