Children's Dentistry

As a parent, you work hard to keep your child healthy and happy, and there’s nothing more precious than your little one's beautiful smile! Early visits to the dentist keep your little one’s teeth healthy and also helps them establish a friendly and comfortable relationship with their dentist.

As parents themselves, our dentists understand how to make kids feel comfortable and welcome at our Northfield dental office. Children will find a welcoming environment at Nordonia Dental Group as soon as they walk in the door, as our lobby is packed with toys and fun surprises for kids!

We understand that family’s schedules are hectic and that’s why we make it easy for both adults and children to get the high-quality dentistry they need and deserve with convenient morning and evening appointments designed to accommodate your family’s unique schedule requirements.

The First Visit

Dr. Z and Dr. Pat recommend that children have their first visit around the age of one to two years old. We keep this visit fun and upbeat and spend our time with your son or daughter counting and examining their teeth while helping them to feel comfortable in their first encounter with the dental chair. We also encourage parents to bring their little one along to their own dental visits so kids can see that the dentist is a fun and welcoming place.

Your child should be visiting their Northfield dentist every six months just like you do so we can monitor their oral development.

Additional Recommendations for Children

As your son or daughter grows, Dr. Z and Dr. Pat may have some additional recommendations for fluoride treatment or dental sealants.

We can easily incorporate a topical application of fluoride into your child’s routine cleaning appointment, and it helps to build and protect developing teeth. Fluoride can also help remineralize small teeth that have been affected by tooth decay.

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings placed over your son or daughter’s back teeth. The plastic fills in the grooves and pits of their molars to protect them from the acids and bacteria in their mouths that cause tooth decay. Our dentists have noticed fewer cavities in children with sealants than those without dental sealants.

Does your child participate in sports? Are they wearing the right protective gear? A custom mouth guard allows them to stay at the top of their game while also providing better protection for their teeth and mouth, as opposed to a generic guard that may be ill-fitting and uncomfortable to wear.

Convenient Dentistry for Your Family

Are you looking for an excellent children’s dentist in Northfield, OH? Contact Nordonia Dental Group today and schedule your son or daughter’s next visit along with your own. You’ll appreciate the convenience of receiving high-quality dentistry for the entire family in one dental office.