Tooth Extractions

Learning that you need a tooth extracted can feel a bit overwhelming or even scary at first, but you can rest assured that when you have an experienced team on your side like the dentists at Nordonia Dental Group, your procedure will be smooth and comfortable.

Why Do I Need a Tooth Extracted?

There are many reasons our dentists may recommend a tooth extraction in Northfield. Here are a few:

  • You have advanced periodontal (gum) disease, or periodontitis
  • Your tooth has had root canal therapy and needs to be strengthened
  • Your tooth has excessive decay, has been traumatized, or is infected beyond what a root canal can restore
  • Wisdom teeth
  • To help accommodate orthodontic treatment

We only recommend tooth extractions as a last resort at Nordonia Dental Group. We will always do everything possible to save your natural tooth; however, if an extraction has been recommended for you, it’s essential not to delay your treatment as you may be putting neighboring teeth or your dental health at risk.

Why Do I Need My Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Wisdom teeth, also called your third molars, are your last set of teeth to arrive when you’re around 18 to 25 years old. These teeth come in behind your second molars at the very back of your mouth. They are often hard to brush and floss due to their location, and it can result in tooth decay or gum disease if you can’t keep them clean.

Some wisdom teeth arrive at odd angles that are detrimental to surrounding teeth. Other wisdom teeth don’t arrive at all and remain impacted and won't come through, which can cause an infection.

For most patients, it is typically recommended that wisdom teeth be removed.

What to Expect During a Tooth Extraction

Your Northfield dentist will do everything possible to ensure that your tooth extraction is a comfortable and smooth process and we understand that an extraction could cause you to feel anxious or fearful. We offer options for dental sedation, such as nitrous oxide (breathable gas) or oral sedation (a pill) that can help you feel more relaxed during your extraction procedure, so be sure to let our dentists know if you are feeling anxious about your dentistry.

At Nordonia Dental Group, our dentists also utilize the best dental anesthetics to ensure that you don’t feel anything during your procedure. Our team is here to provide support throughout your recovery process, so don’t hesitate to call us if you have questions or concerns.

Replacing a Missing Tooth

If you are not having a wisdom tooth extracted, it’s crucial to think about replacing your lost tooth as soon as you can. A missing tooth can negatively affect the health of your jawbone and your surrounding teeth and take a toll on your confidence as well.

Dr. Z and Dr. Pat are happy to discuss your tooth replacement options with you as well as the tooth extraction process. Contact Nordonia Dental Group today for more information.